• Anatase Titanium Dioxide YMA102

    Anatase Titanium Dioxide YMA102

    YMA102 is a type of anatase titanium dioxide with high whiteness,good gloss.The particles are fine, soft and uniform,narrow distribution. It has high tint reducing power and scattering coefficient, low oil absorption,low impurity content.

  • Anatase titanium dioxide YMA101

    Anatase titanium dioxide YMA101

    YMA101 is a kind of general used anatase titanium dioxide. It has white and pure appearancefine gloss,low oil absorption value, high tint reducing power and scattering coefficient, good dispersibility,low impurity,uniform particle size distribution.

  • Rutile titanium dioxide 505

    Rutile titanium dioxide 505

    Product description:MYR-505 is a kind of rutile titanium dioxide, which is treated with organic compounds,coated with silica and aluminum oxide. It has high weather resistance, low oil absorption, good dispersion, excellent hiding power, nice flow performance of dry powder.

  • Rutile titanium dioxide 606

    Rutile titanium dioxide 606

    Product description: YMR-606 is a rutile titanium dioxide, which has been organic surface treated and coated with silicon aluminum oxide. This product has excellent whiteness, outstanding dispersibility, super tinting power, superior weather resistance and gloss.