• Enamel grade Titanium Dioxide

    Enamel grade Titanium Dioxide

    Product Description:

    Enamel grade titanium dioxide is anatase titanium dioxide produced by sulfuric acid process, white powder.It hasthe advantage of high purity, few impurities, tiny and uniform powder, quitehigh refractive index and tint reducingpower,High temperature resistance.acid and alkali resistance,etc.

  • Rutile Titanium Dioxide YMR138

    Rutile Titanium Dioxide YMR138

    Product Description:

    YMR138 is a kind of rutile titanium dioxide treated with organic compounds, coated with zirconia and aluminum oxide. It has good whiteness, brightness, gloss, high covering power, nice dispersibility and durability, white and blue tint, outstanding pigment properties.
  • Rutile Titanium Dioxide YMR140

    Rutile Titanium Dioxide YMR140

    Product description:
    YMR140 is a kind of general used rutile titanium dioxide produced by chloride process, treated with special inorganic and organic surface treatment. The product has excellent gloss, good dispersivity, strong hiding power and color strength, nice weather aging resistance.
  • Rutile titanium dioxide YMR130

    Rutile titanium dioxide YMR130

    Product description:

    YMR130 is a kind of rutile titanium dioxide produced by sulfuric acid process without inorganic surface treat ment. It has higher Ti02 contentand lower oil absorption. It shows good dispersibilityand tinting strength, outstandinghiding power and nice dry powder fluidity.

  • Rutile titanium dioxide YMR136

    Rutile titanium dioxide YMR136

    Product Description:

    YMR136 is a kind ofrutile titanium dioxide treated with organic compounds,coated with silica and aluminum oxide. It shows excellent whiteness and dispersibility, super tinting strength,good weather-ability and high gloss.

  • Anatase Titanium Dioxide YMA102

    Anatase Titanium Dioxide YMA102

    YMA102 is a type of anatase titanium dioxide with high whiteness,good gloss.The particles are fine, soft and uniform,narrow distribution. It has high tint reducing power and scattering coefficient, low oil absorption,low impurity content.

  • Anatase titanium dioxide YMA101

    Anatase titanium dioxide YMA101

    YMA101 is a kind of general used anatase titanium dioxide. It has white and pure appearancefine gloss,low oil absorption value, high tint reducing power and scattering coefficient, good dispersibility,low impurity,uniform particle size distribution.