1. The difference between titanium dioxide and Lithopone

A lot of people are not clear titanium dioxide and lithopone these two white pigments, they are white powder shape, insoluble in water, environmental protection green non-toxic, nature is also some close, light from the appearance is not good to distinguish, but titanium dioxide than lithopone a wider range of…  The cover power of these two kinds of products and whiteness, brightness are about the same, can not say who is good who is bad, we can choose and buy according to their needs to suit their products.

Titanium dioxide chemical properties of stable, it is a kind of acidic amphoteric oxide, almost no reaction with other elements and compounds at room temperature, on oxygen, ammonia, nitrogen, hydrogen sulfide, carbon dioxide, sulfur dioxide are not effective, insoluble in water, fat, insoluble in dilute acid and inorganic acid, alkali, only soluble in hydrofluoric acid.  Of course, if you must put it in the water, it is also possible to use small titanium dioxide particles as far as possible, so that you can form a suspension with water, a little better.  In recent years, China’s titanium dioxide industry in the face of foreign industry pressure, in such a situation, professional titanium dioxide manufacturers continue to work hard to improve, hope that one day can catch up with the pace of international demand.

2. The hiding power of lithopone powder
Lithopone presents a white powdery substance on the outside and is insoluble in water. When purchasing lithopone, its whiteness is the standard that shows the quality of lithopone. The higher the whiteness, the better the quality of lithopone, so if the manufacturer wants to process and produce lithopone with excellent quality and performance, the whiteness of lithopone. The higher the whiteness of the lithopone, the stronger the covering power of the coated object. Therefore, when consumers choose lithopone, the hiding power performance is one of the indicators that lithopone pays attention to in coatings. When consumers use lithopone, they definitely want to use less lithopone paint and can effectively cover the object. Therefore, the hiding power determines the application of lithopone in the coating. performance.
3. In the production and processing of Lithopone, what aspects of work affect the hiding power of Lithopone?
Among them, the particle size distribution affects the color, tinting power, dispersion, and hiding power of the lithopone. This situation affects the basic performance of the lithopone. If you want to improve the high performance of Lithopone, you can first study and analyze the distribution of Lithopone and formulate improvement methods. Not only that, the lithopone itself also has many functional indicators, such as weather resistance and water resistance are also very important. These functional indicators of Lithopone have a direct impact on its performance, which also determines the quality of its products. Therefore, in order to process and produce high-quality lithopone, it is necessary to check the various functional indicators of lithopone.

Post time: Nov-26-2021